JUST IN: Adult Use Deliveries To Begin In Massachusetts On Monday, As Taunton Microbusiness Freshly Baked Company Becomes First Licensed Adult Use Home Delivery Service On The East Coast

Taunton company becomes first on East Coast authorized to provide adult use home delivery.

Source; https://www.facebook.com/freshlybakedcompany/


As if the whirlwind series of events this week were not enough, the very first adult use delivery service in Massachusetts will be operational on Monday,
the Cannabis Control Commission announced on Twitter today.

Freshly Baked Company, co-owned by the husband and wife team of Jenny Roseman and Phillip Smith, is a Social Equity and Veteran-owned microbusiness with a delivery endorsement, allowing the company to cultivate, manufacture and deliver directly to consumers from a single facility.

The little-known delivery endorsement available for microbusinesses, created by the CCC in the summer of 2019 to muted fanfare, has, in turn, just changed history by introducing adult use delivery to Massachusetts.

Phillip Smith, speaking to me as news broke Friday evening, said; "Freshly Baked is humbled by all the support we've received from our customers, partners, family, friends and the Cannabis Control Commission. We're excited to start the first recreational home deliveries on the east coast."

The announcement of the CCC's decision to authorize Freshly Baked to commence operations comes just one day after the Commission launched the application for another type of delivery license,
called a "delivery operator", to much celebration.

All delivery licenses, including the delivery endorsement, are available, according
to a newly-updated commission FAQ document, "on an exclusive basis to businesses controlled by, and with majority ownership comprised of, Certified Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants and/or Social Equity Program Participants for a period of at least 36 months from the date the first Delivery Operator licensee receives a notice to commence operations."

That means Smith and Roseman will get an extended priority period, as, because they are not a "delivery operator" the delivery equity priority period does not begin counting down.

The state, as the Commission further notes in its delivery FAQ, also has the option to extend that delivery equity priority period should the Agency, at that time, feel the program has not done enough to engender market participation by those communities that were most disproportionately impacted by the decades long racist drug war.

First published: 5:27PM Eastern Daylight Time, 5/28/2021

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